Hide Featured Image on Single Post


Update: Thanks all for using this plugin and I am happy that its useful to many. As this plugin is made for general sites, it might need site specific customization for your site. Please email me if you require any customization.

Ver 1.1: Now you can hide all posts at once. Also one can hide featured images from Page.

To hide featured image from single post or page
  • Open the post/page in edit mode.
  • Select the option(YES/NO) to hide featured image and update.
To hide featured image on all single posts
  • Go to ‘Hide featured image’ setting page ( Settings > Hide Featured Image).
  • Select the option(YES/NO) to hide featured image for all posts or pages.
  • Click Submit.


While I was developing the blog page of this site, I found that the featured image which I was using was quite large as per theme design.On Archive page and Homepage it was looking fine but on single post page it was occupying half of the screen making reader to scroll down to exactly know what the content is all about.

So I thought to hide the image using CSS in my theme. But again, this would be for all single pages and what if I will need featured image for certain posts?

Finally a thought came in my mind to develop a simple functionality which has setting i.e check-box on each post stating whether to show featured image or hide. I converted this functionality into plugin so that everybody can use this. It is very useful plugin for customers/users who don’t have knowledge of Programing or has minimal understanding about WordPress.

Below is the download link for the plugin:
Hide Featured Image


How To Install

  1. Direct Method:
    • Go to plugins section from your WordPress backend and click “Add New”.
    • Search “Hide Featured Image” in search box.
    • Install the plugin found and Activate.
  2. Uploading Zip File
    • Download hide-featured-image.zip to your system.
    • Go to plugins section from your WordPress backend and click “Add New”.
    • Click on “Upload Plugin” button on top.
    • Upload the downloaded zip file and Activate.

Direct Method

How To Use


  • Install & Activate the Plugin.
  • Go to the Post for which you want to hide the featured image.
  • Open it in edit mode.
  • You will find “Show or Hide Featured image” metabox on right sidebar.
  • Select the option and Update/Publish.

featured image setting

  • Featured Image for that post will get hide on single page.