Unlimited calling for Airtel broadband users

After a huge controversy about Net Neutrality over Airtel’s Toll Free Airtel zero plan, it seems airtel’s business might got affected to some extent. To clear the doubts and to stop propagation of incorrect information about Airtel Zero plan, Bharti Airtel MD and CEO (India and South Asia) Gopal Vittal sent email to all its employees and customers stating about its airtel zero plan and stated that they didn’t violated net neutrality.

To retain its old & new customers trust and to counter BSNL’s unlimited local & STD night calling, Airtel has introduced new Unlimited(practically) local & Std calling for broadband users.

They have brought two plans for broadband Home users, one is Rs. 49/month and Rs. 99/month plan in addition to their normal broadband plan. In Rs. 49 plan, Customer will get unlimited local calls to any landline and mobile irrespective of their network. By paying Rs. 99, they will be able to call to any number all over india.

You might be thinking unlimited huh!! that too for Rs. 99 its a great deal. But there is one small catch. User will only get 5000 minutes maximum. This is to ensure that this plan is used only for home purpose and not for commercial purpose.

Though Airtel provides 5000 minutes for calling, but this plan is still cheaper & feasible. 5000 minutes means ~83 hours of calling per month. This is more than enough for normal home users.

Just to make sure, I also asked airtel customer representative about validity of this plan i.e how long this plan will be valid? Will it get terminated after few months? or will it increase its rates? I just got one answer – yes sir its life long :). I know this is not true but enjoy till the plan exists.

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