Startups for Freshers & MNC for Experienced ?

It’s May now, so many final year students must have been placed somewhere in MNC or will be finding job, but are confused where to go Startups (Small Company) or MNC? Which is best for us? How both are different? Work Culture? Process? etc etc. All queries will get cleared after reading this post. It will help to understand important aspects of MNC & Small Companies and will help both fresher and experienced(planning to switch) to decide where to work on.


MNC – Multinational Corporation (MNC) or Multinational Enterprise (MNE) are organizations that own or control production or services facilities in one or more countries other than the home country. Mostly they have large strengths of employees. Startups or Small companies as name suggests are companies with small bussiness, less experience and small number of employee strengths.

One thing is sure that both MNC and startups have pros & cons. So decide as per situation, surroundings etc.

Below are the important aspects as per my experience that one should look for. Different people might have different experience, but below is about general thinking.

Important Aspects

Okay, lets understand few realities regarding MNC & startups.
1. Small projects vs Large Projects
  • Small companies have comparatively small projects. Projects mostly range from 1 to 2 months.
  • MNC’s have larger projects ranging from months to years.
2. Employee Strength
  • As projects are small and of low budget, less resources are assigned. It commonly happens that most part of the project is done by individual itself or a team comprising of 2-3 employees.
  • MNC generally have larger employee strength as it helps them to get bigger client. Single project is handled by approx 5-20 employees.
3. Work-Life balance 
  • As larger part of the work is to be done by individual, work life balance is affected. Generaly this point is mostly for freshers as they dont have much knowledge of projects and its requirement, they first learn and then work on it. So it takes time but, but have to deliver in short period. So have to work till late. Again for experienced, they are given larger or harder part of the projects so they too have to work harder, but generally they get used to manage work-life balance.
  • In MNC, generally a project is divided into different modules and each module is done by team of approx 3-5 resources(employees).
4. Salary
Now this is important for most right 🙂 . After all we all do hard work to earn money and knowlege(to some extent).
  • Small companies have small projects so they offer less salary compared to MNC.
  • MNC’s have larger revenues so they can offer attarctive salaries compared to startups.
5. Company policies
  • Small companies have their own policy, which may or may not be employee oriented. Like leave policy, appraisal, timings, notice period, refferal etc etc.
  • MNC’s mostly have policies which helps or is good for both employees and company, like good refferal bonus, large number of leaves, insurance of employees and their family, gratuity etc.
  • It depends on company to company and their growth.
6. Company Infrastructure
  • Small companies can’t afford large corporate buildings or workplace. So they have moderate infrastructure and workplace.
  • MNC’s mostly have good infrastructure like cafeteria, game zone etc.


Everyone wants to earn good salary and position right? But for that, you require knowledge.
After reading above points, you might be thinking never to work in small companies, but NO I have just mentioned few important points regarding how both MNC and Startups work.
In small companies, single individual has to work on larger portion of projects, he/she will get much idea about how things work and much knowlege of project development cycle i.e from project requirement to project deployment everything. While in MNC it would end with knowledge of particular area only. Sometimes they keep few employees mostly freshers on bench for months i.e without alloting any projects.
I would suggest freshers to work in small companies for 3-4 years and then switch to MNC. I am telling this because when your are fresher, you are around of age say 20-25. This is best time to get as much knowledge as possible. At this time a person can take risks. After 25-26 age,- marriage, family, kids etc etc stuffs starts. Person now needs good salary, work-family-life balance etc., so then switch to MNC. Please note I am not telling that married person should not work in small companies, if you are satisfied with your salary and work then thats cool 😉 .
So guys think over this aspects and then take the decision. If you found this post useful do comment and do note this is general scenerio and may differ from company to company.


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