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Update: Thanks all for using this plugin and I am happy that its useful to many. As this plugin is made for general sites, it might need site specific customization for your site. Please email me if you require any customization.

Ver 1.1: Now you can hide all posts at once. Also one can hide featured images from Page.

To hide featured image from single post or page
  • Open the post/page in edit mode.
  • Select the option(YES/NO) to hide featured image and update.
To hide featured image on all single posts
  • Go to ‘Hide featured image’ setting page ( Settings > Hide Featured Image).
  • Select the option(YES/NO) to hide featured image for all posts or pages.
  • Click Submit.


While I was developing the blog page of this site, I found that the featured image which I was using was quite large as per theme design.On Archive page and Homepage it was looking fine but on single post page it was occupying half of the screen making reader to scroll down to exactly know what the content is all about.

So I thought to hide the image using CSS in my theme. But again, this would be for all single pages and what if I will need featured image for certain posts?

Finally a thought came in my mind to develop a simple functionality which has setting i.e check-box on each post stating whether to show featured image or hide. I converted this functionality into plugin so that everybody can use this. It is very useful plugin for customers/users who don’t have knowledge of Programing or has minimal understanding about WordPress.

Below is the download link for the plugin:
Hide Featured Image


How To Install

  1. Direct Method:
    • Go to plugins section from your WordPress backend and click “Add New”.
    • Search “Hide Featured Image” in search box.
    • Install the plugin found and Activate.
  2. Uploading Zip File
    • Download hide-featured-image.zip to your system.
    • Go to plugins section from your WordPress backend and click “Add New”.
    • Click on “Upload Plugin” button on top.
    • Upload the downloaded zip file and Activate.

Direct Method

How To Use


  • Install & Activate the Plugin.
  • Go to the Post for which you want to hide the featured image.
  • Open it in edit mode.
  • You will find “Show or Hide Featured image” metabox on right sidebar.
  • Select the option and Update/Publish.

featured image setting

  • Featured Image for that post will get hide on single page.



38 thoughts on “Hide Featured Image on Single Post”

  1. Hi Pranav, is there any way by which we can hide all the featured images in one go??
    my site have a 1000 posts so selecting them one by one can be tedious.

    Thanks for your plugin 🙂

    1. @Kabeer,
      I know its very late but releasing new version which will have that option. This will be out this weekend hopefully 😉


  2. I tried the plugin on al local installation of WordPress 4.31.
    It seems not working with it .
    Do have any idea how to fix this.?

    best regards

  3. Hi,

    I downloaded the plugin and checked “hide featured image” but the image is still showing on my website. Can you please help me out?

    Thank you.

    1. Depending on your theme, and/or WP version, you might have to edit the STYLE code no the plugin. I had the same issue, so I changed”:

      This: .has-post-thumbnail img.wp-post-image{ display: none; }
      To this: .zn_post_image { display: none; }

      it worked flawlessly.

      1. I tried your fix and it did not fix the problem. Featured image is still displaying on the post page.

        Here’s the code I changed:

        /* .has-post-thumbnail img.wp-post-image{ display: none; } */
        .zn_post_image { display: none; }

        Any idea why the plugin is showing the featured post?
        I am using the Woo Canvas theme and wordpress 4.3.2


        1. Hi Bob,
          Above mentioned fix is not general fix, its specific for Gen1three’s site.

          Can you please share your post link, so that I can provide you the fix.

          Mostly very soon, I will release new version of plugin, which will work for all the themes, irrespective of their html structure.


          1. Hello! I’m having the same problem. I think you are still working on the most recent version of your plugin to be more compatiable with the latest version of WordPress. Any luck??

            Here is my website — please help me if you can; I’ve tried just about everything to remove featured images 🙁 🙁 Or if you can’t help … hopefully your new version is coming out soon 🙂


    1. Hi Olaf,

      In next release would try to support page also. Can you just explain in which scenario you want this feature on page also. Any example would help to understand the problem and target it appropriately.


      1. Pranav,

        I scenario I would like this feature on pages for is this: I want to make a page with several images and/or content and want a different image to be the featured image for the purpose of sharing it to Facebook but I don’t want it to be visible on the page. For example, our police department could create a page with whatever content they want, and then set the featured image as their badge logo so when they share it on their Facebook page, the image is of the badge logo, instead of a random image on the page. Does that make sense? Also, will your next update include the newest versions of wp?

  4. I installed the Hide Featured Image plugin but it seems not working on my theme. I am using Neighborhood theme and WordPress Version 4.4.1.

    Any thoughts why it is not working?


    1. I am having this same problem…”no image” still showing on the blog start page. Did you find a solution to this? Thank you.

      1. Hey Erik,
        This plugin only hides image on single page/post. Because most themes do not require to hide image on blog/archive page. To hide image for blog page, customization/Pro version is required as per your website. Kindly contact me if you require PRO version.


    1. Hi Andrei,

      I checked your site and found that this plugin is not compatible with your theme. Will require customization specific to your site. Kindly email me for more details.


  5. Hello. I would love your plugin if it worked fine for my site. 😉 Could you help me making it compatible with my config? Thank you.
    My site is not always public, but it is here: //www. quatremille.be The theme is Divi from elegantthemes WordPress is 4.4.2 +WP Rocket installed but emptied for tests purpose.
    I have seen an interesting topic here to include the same function as your plugin, but I am really not sure how to make it work: //stackoverflow.com/questions/13596629/how-to-hide-featured-image-from-some-posts

  6. Hello. I got it:

    With Divi Theme from ElegantThemes one can replace by
    `.et_post_meta_wrapper img{ display: none !important; }`

    Works fine now. thank you.

  7. HI,

    First I would really thank you for this plugin. It is practical and saves time.
    I have one problem and I would be very happy if you would help me with it.

    I am using the “Related posts” plugins (//wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-23-related-posts-plugin/) which uses the thumbnail of each relatied post as an image, and it seems like you plugin hides this image as well.

    U can take a look here for example //happy-pillz.com , in the botom section “vous aimerez peut Être”. This is what I get when I have your plugin activated.

    I thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards,

  8. Hello, I cannot seem to hide featured images on my single posts. I clicked “No” for “Hide from all Posts(not Custom Post Type)?” and “Yes” for “Hide from all Pages?”. I have also tried to go into individual post editors and try out both the Yes and No button, but nothing seemed to work. Is there a solution to this?


    1. Hey Imagination,

      I checked your site and found that this plugin is not compatible with your theme. Will require customization specific to your site. Kindly email me for more details.


    1. Hello Freedom,

      I checked your site and found that there is no selector present which this plugin uses in your theme. So this plugin is not compatible with your theme. Will require customization specific to your site. Kindly email me for more details.


  9. Hello,

    How to hide the caption of the images?

    The image of related post was hiden, but the caption still inside the article.

  10. Hi!
    Thanks for your plugin. It is very useful in most situations. 🙂
    Just a question: don’t you find strange to read a sentence like “Show or hide feat. image” – which is NOT a question – and two options like “yes or no”? Those latter should be picked as an answer to a question like “Do you want to HIDE featured image” > “yes” – “no”
    What do you think about?
    I think you should change your sentence OR change the options to choose in “hide” or “leave it visible”
    I’d like to receive your feedback about.
    Thanks! 🙂

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